Thursday, October 6, 2011

Implants vs Dentures

We help many of our patients find the best treatment for replacing missing teeth. In most cases implants are the best option, a procedure done by one of our trusted oral surgeons.

Titanium Implants are placed into the jaw bone and are coated with a special coating that enhances bone growth around the implant which then provides a solid foundation to secure a prosthetic device such as a crown or a bridge above the gum.  To increase success rate several factors must be considered. The amount of bone available to support the implant, the patient’s health, if patient smokes and the quality of ongoing home care all effect long-term success. It is important to also visit a dental hygienist on a regular basis to help with oral hygiene instructions and care with your new implant prostheses.

If the patient is a suitable candidate implants are recommended over removable dentures. Because removable dentures are not permanently fixed in place, they can move around when you eat and speak. Additionally, over time the bone that supports the denture changes and shrinks, making it increasingly difficult to support a denture comfortably. Implants allow the mouth to act similarly to that with natural teeth. Therefore gums and bone are less likely to have the same negative reactions as they would with removable dentures. Implants can support singular (a) and multiple teeth (b). This versatility is another added benefit.

Another benefit of implants is being able to eat healthy and varied diets without the restrictions many denture wearers face. Many are self conscious with dentures while implants give a sense of renewed self-confidence. People who were once unsure in public reenter active lifestyles sharing with family and friends and are comfortable in their communication with co-workers.

Please speak to our dentists if you have any questions about implants and if they would benefit you. For more information you can follow the links below.